Pulse electric scooter

Here in L-trade d.o.o., electric scooters are our passion. We use them every day and love everything about them. As advanced users, we have always had many ideas on how to make them even better, faster, safer and easier to use. The idea to develop and produce our own scooter was born few years ago. To achieve this, we teamed up with some of our longtime partners from China with whom we were able to turn our knowledge and experience into action.

With headquarters in Croatia and factory in China, our idea was to create really fun, full equipped, awesome  looking scooters line with excellent performance for a reasonable price. And then…. PULSE was born.

Details like better tires, stronger folding clamp, adjustable stem, strong fenders, turn indicators, horn, etc.  are something you need to buy separately for many other popular scooter brands. PULSE has it all in default.  You just need to unbox it and hit the road.

Customer satisfaction is most important for us. This is why we work constantly on spreading our dealer network to assure each customer has local support, spare parts, service and consultation available whenever he needs it.

Adam Lipsinic, CEO